The Consumer’s Best Friend

Chuck Whitlock does more than talk to consumers. He educates, entertains, and empowers them!
Chuck shares his knowledge of fraud and scams so that consumers—especially senior citizens and other vulnerable targets—can protect themselves and their money against con artists. One of Chuck’s most valuable lessons: Anyone can be scammed.

Book Chuck today and get ready for more than a speech! Get ready for a dynamic presentation that combines videos, real-life investigations, energy, and even a bit of humor—making for a valuable learning experience.

The Con Man’s Worst Nightmare

Empowering Consumers against Scams

Chuck Whitlock fights con artists by educating consumers just like you about how to spot scams and protect themselves from con artists. Through keynote speeches, training workshops, Scam Jams, top-selling books, and revealing investigative reports, Chuck has empowered literally hundreds of thousands of consumers.

Chuck’s expertise about fraud, scams, and con artists comes from years of work learning how con artists operate, how their schemes work, and what vulnerabilities lead us to fall victim to them. He has worked closely with law enforcement, gone undercover to help catch criminals in the act, and tagged along on stings. He’s learned firsthand from the con artists themselves in tell-all jailhouse interviews and from candid conversations with victims. Chuck has even gone so far as to put himself in the shoes of con artists—pretending to be one on camera and carrying out “cons” before quickly revealing the truth about who he really is. His video reports show how the real con artists work, how easy it is to be caught in their webs, and how you can protect yourself. Chuck uses these videos, coupled with true stories from his investigative work and top-selling books, in his speeches and presentations.

Unscrupulous criminals target consumers from every walk of life, especially unsuspecting seniors and anyone else who gives them the opportunity. Whether it’s identity theft, phony Web sites, phishing attempts, simple home repair scams, or cons that capitalize on a crisis such as a devastating tornado or current event such as an economic downturn, Chuck has seen them all. Bring him to your next event and you’ll help take the power away from the scam artists and give it back to law-abiding citizens.

Taking His Message to the People

Investigative Reports Seen on TV

As an investigative correspondent and producer, Chuck Whitlock has unmasked, chased down, and confronted con artists on camera. His award-winning reports have been seen by television audiences on 60 Minutes, Inside EditionHard CopyExtra, CNBC, CNN, and other broadcast outlets and shows. He also shares his investigative reports and insight with audiences of talk shows such as Oprah and The View.

Firsthand Training for Consumers

As a respected trainer and recognized expert, Chuck Whitlock instructs a wide range of audiences, from consumers to law enforcement professionals and just about everyone in between. One of his favorite venues is Scam Jams. At these events, Chuck reveals the tools of the trade confiscated from real-life con artists. He shares actual stories of victims who have lost their life savings to scams or fallen victim to fraud schemes that proved dangerous, even deadly in some instances. His eye-opening training provides valuable insight for any audience.

Interested in a Scam Jam, a training seminar, or a workshop for your group? Contact us to see what Chuck can do for you.

Fraud Prevention Expert & Author

As an author, Chuck Whitlock has educated readers across the nation. His must-have fraud-prevention books include Scam SchoolEasy Money, and MediScams.

One book particularly close to Chuck’s heart, Age without Rage, provides essential information about aging. Along with describing how to protect a senior’s assets from scammers, it covers other big issues that seniors must face as they age. Click the cover below to learn more.

Why Consumers Need to Hear from Chuck

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Client Testimonials

You did it again! You made our BBB Scam Jam another huge success! We received many letters and phone calls from consumers across Iowa to let us know how much your program has already impacted their…
Mary Kruger EylerPresidentBBB of Des Moines, IA
This was your fifth time to speak at our Better Business Bureau’s Scam Jam. Every year, you’ve outdone your previous appearances with fresh, new material. Every year, our audience has reacted with the…
Gerry WilsonPresident & CEOBBB of San Diego, CA
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