A Leading Authority on Financial Fraud

Chuck Whitlock knows all about the schemes that can cost banks and financial businesses big money—including embezzlement, customer fraud, and identity theft.

Bring Chuck to your next conference, convention, or event and you’ll get a dynamic presentation that combines valuable information, compelling videos, and real-life experiences delivered with enthusiasm and even a little humor!

Breaking the Bank

Exposing Financial Scams & Criminals

Professional speaker Chuck Whitlock helps banks and financial businesses combat fraud from the inside out. A leading authority on white-collar crime, Chuck knows the tactics and schemes used by desperate or unscrupulous employees.

Chuck also gathers inside information on external fraud crimes from the agencies who investigate them and from the criminals who commit them. His own scam-busting “cons” for television give him firsthand data about what financial institutions are up against.

As an investigative correspondent and producer, Chuck not only hunts down fraud but he also shows how easily it can be perpetrated by pretending to do it himself—on camera. The purpose of these eye-opening video reports is to effectively demonstrate how the real crooks operate and how to fight fraud by being prepared for it.

Pulling from his extensive video library and a wealth of real-life stories, Chuck tailors his presentations to each group, business, and event. Learn about the latest financial cons, what investment scams are on the rise, and how today’s white-collar criminals are cashing in. With Chuck, you get more than just an educational speech. You get a compelling and entertaining learning experience you’ll value and—remember.

Book Chuck as the keynote speaker for your next conference or convention, or have him provide training for your bank or firm in the form of a workshop or seminar. Don’t hesitate. Contact us today.

Scam Busting on Multiple Fronts

Enlightening Investigative Reports

Chuck Whitlock doesn’t just talk with audiences in person to combat fraud. He has also unmasked, chased down, and confronted con artists as an investigative TV correspondent and scam buster. His award-winning reports have raised awareness about financial schemes and other types of fraud as well as how the criminals behind them operate. Chuck’s reports have appeared on Oprah60 Minutes, The ViewInside EditionHard CopyExtra, CNN, CNBC, the Discovery Channel, and many other broadcast outlets.

White-Collar Crime Expert & Trainer

Chuck Whitlock’s reputation as a leading authority on white-collar crime has led many agencies, groups, and companies to seek him out for specialized training. From a broadcast training event for a major investment firm to a keynote presentation to a seminar for clients of a financial advisement company, Chuck has instructed banking and investment groups across the country in differing and effective ways. Chuck has spoken about white-collar crimes and identity theft to law enforcement agencies such as the F.B.I., the Secret Service, the A.T.F., and the D.E.A. He has also teamed up with government agencies and businesses to train consumers and business leaders at countless Scam Jams.

Chuck can provide your group with a training seminar or workshop tailored to your event and the needs of your specific group. Contact us today to learn just what Chuck can do for you!

An Author with Valuable Lessons to Share

As an author, Chuck Whitlock educates people across the U.S. about protecting their money and themselves. His fraud prevention books include Scam SchoolEasy Money, and MediScams. Chuck has also shared his expertise as a contributing writer for financial publications such as Bottom Line/Wealth.

What Bankers and Financial Advisors Are Saying about Chuck

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