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Author of MediScams

The flu comes and goes but fraud never takes a season off! In fact, private and government experts estimate between $68 billion to $240 billion will be lost this year to health care fraud alone. Chuck Whitlock, a white-collar crime expert and the author of MediScams, wants to help members of the health care industry as well as consumers stop that fraud.

In addition to up-to-date information and specific tips to tame health care fraud, Chuck’s presentations combine compelling videos and real-life stories. Bring him to your next conference, convention, or event and get ready for a dynamic learning experience.

Chuck Whitlock, ‘M.D.’

Scam Buster Shows How It’s Done

To help investigators and viewing audiences alike, scam buster Chuck Whitlock has pretended to be an unethical doctor for television. He even feigned accepting kickbacks and bribes while posing as a nursing home administrator in an undercover sting. It was all done—on camera—for the purpose of exposing criminals, stopping fraud schemes, raising awareness, and showing people how to protect themselves against the real con artists.

Chuck has a special affinity for fighting medical fraud. It isn’t just costly; it’s dangerous, even deadly. From insurance fraud and Medicare fraud to bogus treatments and stolen identities, Chuck has seen it all. Who better to help the health care industry confront and stop the fraud?

As a professional speaker and author, Chuck shares his expertise across the country. Contact Chuck today to learn how his knowledge, investigative reports, and real-life experiences will create an engaging and valuable presentation for your group or association.

Exposing Cons & Sharing Knowledge

Investigative Reports Air across the U.S.

As an investigative television correspondent and producer, Chuck Whitlock has won awards for his reports which expose criminals and scams. His television investigations have aired on 60 Minutes, Inside EditionExtra, Hard Copy, CNBC, CBS, CNN, and many other broadcast outlets. Chuck also shares his reports and expertise with audiences of television talk shows such as Oprah and The View.

Training Audiences in Person

Chuck Whitlock provides training and workshops for a wide range of audiences, including: federal, state and local law enforcement; financial institutions, businesses, and members of the health care industry. He also participates with Better Business Bureaus and local businesses across the country in Scam Jams to teach consumers how to protect themselves and their money from con artists.

Contact Chuck today to start the conversation and find out how your group or business will benefit from a training seminar or workshop.

An Author Exposing Medical Fraud

Chuck Whitlock’s books about fraud have educated and entertained readers across the U.S. His book MediScams provides a revealing look at dangerous health care scams and how to protect oneself from falling prey to unscrupulous con artists who prey on the sick and gullible.

Here’s What Others Interested in Fighting Health Care Fraud Say about Chuck

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Client Testimonials

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