Law Enforcement

White-Collar Crime Expert

Chuck Whitlock strives to help law enforcement stop the bad guys! From going undercover to expose a con artist to instructing officers about the latest techniques of scam artists, he joins your fight against fraud.

Considered a leading authority on white-collar crime and scams, Chuck shares his expertise and insight with federal, state, and local law enforcement.

Bring Chuck to your event and he will wow your audience with a dynamic presentation that combines compelling videos, valuable information, and real-life experiences.

A Partner in Crime Fighting

A Keynote Speaker with a Purpose

With undercover cameras rolling, Chuck Whitlock has “committed” ID theft. In conjunction with investigators, he has pretended to accept kickbacks and bribes from vendors in his role as a nursing home administrator. This scam buster has played the part of con artists over and over for his “cons-on-camera” television segments, then revealed his true identity to show consumers how easily they can be taken in by real con artists. He’s done it all to help prevent fraud and help law enforcement catch the real criminals behind the cons.

Chuck has devoted his career as a television correspondent, author, and speaker to informing, educating, and raising awareness about scams and scam artists. By going undercover with investigators, confronting convicted criminals one-on-one, talking candidly with victims, and pretending to defraud the unsuspecting consumer in his “cons-on-camera” segments, Chuck has developed a unique expertise of fraud. He shares it with law enforcement members as a professional speaker and trainer to provide them with additional tools against the crooks.

Chuck’s expertise, enthusiastic storytelling, and extensive video library make for entertaining and engaging presentations and workshops. Book him as the keynote speaker at your next event and the members of your team will leave inspired and invigorated.

Exposing Cons & Sharing Expertise

Eye-Opening Investigative Reports

Chuck Whitlock’s award-winning work as an investigative television correspondent and producer has been credited with raising awareness about dangerous fraud schemes as well as with unmasking the criminals who perpetrate them. His video reports have aired across the U.S. on OprahThe View60 Minutes, Inside EditionHard CopyExtra, CNN, CBS, CNBC, and many other broadcast outlets.

A Trainer of Law Enforcement Personnel

Chuck has been sought out to provide keynote speeches, seminars, and workshops for law enforcement. He has conducted in-person training seminars for the F.B.I., the Secret Service, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the A.T.F., the D.E.A., and numerous state and local law enforcement agencies and associations.

Chuck also partners with Better Business Bureaus and law enforcement groups across the country to educate consumers through Scam Jams.

Contact us today to learn how your group can benefit from a training seminar with Chuck.

An Author with a Cause

Chuck Whitlock is also a top-selling author. His fraud prevention books include Scam SchoolEasy Money, and MediScams. One of his most popular books honors the men and women of law enforcement. In Police Heroes, Chuck pays tribute to officers who have shown the utmost courage under extraordinary circumstances.

Chuck has also contributed articles to publications including Law Enforcement Technology magazine and Bottom Line. He has been featured in interviews in The Washington Post, Cleveland’s Plain Dealer, the Chicago Sun-Times and many other newspapers and magazines.

What Law Enforcement Says about Chuck

Chuck Whitlock Portrait

Client Testimonials

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your presence, and that of your staff, at the annual TACIA Conference. Your keynote presentations, along with your exhibit material, provided all of the at…
David JimenezTexas Assoc. of Crime & Intelligence Analysts
I would like to convey my sincere appreciation for your contribution to our Two Days in May Conference. This year’s conference brought together over 1200 victims, victim advocates, social service work…
Jim PetroJim PetroAttorney General of Ohio


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