Renowned Fraud & Scam Expert

In an age where the crimes of investor Bernie Madoff can go undetected for years and high-profile pitchman Kevin Trudeau writes best-selling books, the demand for attorneys who have expertise about white-collar crimes has never been greater. Chuck Whitlock knows how financial cons—and con artists—operate! Whether you defend the suspects or prosecute them, you can gain valuable information and insight from his expertise.

Bring Chuck to your next event and see how his multimedia presentation turns any professional gathering into a vital and memorable experience.

Award-Winning Investigator & Author

Exposing Scam Artists to TV Audiences

Besides sharing his knowledge with audiences as a keynote speaker, Chuck Whitlock also takes his fight against fraud to the television airwaves. Chuck has won awards for his work as an investigative TV correspondent and producer—some of the same awards won by national journalists Diane Sawyer, Anderson Cooper, John Stossel, and the late Peter Jennings. Chuck’s reports have aired on Oprah, NBC’sToday, 60 Minutes, Inside EditionHard Copy, Extra, CNN, CNBC, the Discovery Channel, and many other broadcast outlets. He continues to be a featured expert on such shows as The View and is a contributing producer for broadcast news segments.

Training Law Officers & Consumers

In recent years, Chuck has been sought out by federal law enforcement agencies such as the F.B.I., the Secret Service, the A.T.F., and the D.E.A. as well as by state and local law enforcement to provide training seminars and workshops. Chuck also partners with law enforcement, offices of attorneys general, Better Business Bureaus, and other organizations to educate consumers through Scam Jam conferences and other anti-fraud conventions.

With white-collar crime and fraud skyrocketing today, those in the legal arena need ongoing training to stay up-to-date on the latest schemes and operations of these criminals. Contact us today to learn how Chuck can provide your group with a training seminar or workshop.

Crime Fighting through Writing

As an author, Chuck Whitlock has educated and entertained readers across the U.S. Chuck’s books expose the elements of a multitude of white-collar crimes and fraud, including those perpetrated by professionals in the medical and financial fields. He also contributes material to trade publications such as Law Enforcement Technology magazine and Bottom Line/Wealth.

Why You Should Hire Chuck for Your Next Legal Gathering

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Client Testimonials

On behalf of the I.A.F.C.I., we wish to extend our sincere appreciation for your participation in the IAFCI ‘Reining in Fraud’ Conference in Seattle, Washington. Our experience has shown that the …
John LarsenNW Conference ChairmanInternational Assoc. of Financial Crimes Investigators
Your captivating speaking style and your ability to customize your talks to the audience present are truly remarkable. The contingent of New York law enforcement officers to whom you spoke were extrem…
Sue W. KellySue W. KellyNY Congresswoman
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