A Scam Jam-Packed Event

Why Host a Scam Jam

Hosting a Scam Jam shows your organization’s or company’s commitment to the community by proactively leading the fight against fraud. It’s an event focused on informing participants about the latest scams and how to protect themselves from becoming victimized by a con artist. It often includes vendor booths hosted by state and local agencies as well as security-minded businesses, breakout workshops, video reports of investigations by local television personalities, and panel discussions featuring law enforcement personnel.

How a Scam Jam Works

Chuck Whitlock’s in-depth knowledge of cons and con artists lays the foundation for the Scam Jam. With his involvement in past events as a keynote speaker and workshop leader, Chuck knows how to get community leaders, local authorities, members of the news media and others involved. Such broad-based support makes for an informative, entertaining, and empowering event—whether it is ‘jam-packed’ into a half-day or expanded into an all-day experience.

Who Benefits from a Scam Jam

Hosting a Scam Jam leads to a win-win-win situation.

  • Audiences learn about the most prevalent scams impacting their lives today and how to protect themselves.
  • The community benefits as informed citizens share their knowledge with family and friends, leaving scam artists in the area facing a tougher sell.
  • Your organization makes a valuable contribution to your local area while garnering recognition as a leader in the fight against fraud and praise for your community involvement.

Here’s what Michael Clayton, the CEO of the Better Business Bureau in Southeast Texas, had to say after hosting a Scam Jam featuring Chuck Whitlock:

“WOW! YOU REALLY RANG THE BELL last week at our Senior Celebration & Consumer Expo! Your presentation was to the point, informative, entertaining, and extremely well received by the hundreds of participants. People continue to communicate with me how much they enjoyed your program, and recognized your expertise and professionalism. And, I must admit, you sure made me look good!!”

In Good Company

Any group, organization or company can host a Scam Jam. Among those that have sponsored successful events are:

  • Better Business Bureaus
  • A.A.R.P.
  • Government agencies
  • Banks
  • Financial companies
  • Telephone companies
  • Medical institutions