Age Without Rage

Age Without Rage

In Age without Rage, Chuck Whitlock and co-author Bill Reed bring together experts to address the issues important to aging confidently and smartly.

Chuck writes about con artists targeting seniors and what seniors can do to avoid being scammed. The other 11 experts—all specialists in their fields—provide other essential information to mitigate the feelings of confusion and helplessness that often accompany aging, feelings that often lead to anger and depression. Those topics include protecting your assets from catastrophic illness, minimizing taxes, staying financially independent, long-term care, housing issues, selecting caregivers, legal considerations, mental health issues and healthy living for seniors.

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Scam School

Scam School

Con artists, along with their scams, come in all varieties: from the petty street hustler to investment schemer Bernie Madoff, from a sweetheart swindler to a not-so-Good Samaritan, from a cyber criminal to a phony doctor.

In Scam School, Chuck Whitlock reveals the tricks of the con artist’s trade as he recounts his adventures going undercover to expose the most common and crafty scams.

“In a culture where people are increasingly being victimized by fraud, Scam School is a must read.”
—Vincent Bugliosi
Author of Helter Skelter

“Knowledge is power. Scam School will make you powerful.”
—John G. Di Liberto
Former President & Ceo, National Insurance Crime Bureau

Shocking, entertaining and empowering, the true stories in Scam School will give you a Ph.D. in street smarts.



Medical scam artists range from the petty criminals to the downright dangerous. Their scams can leave you poorer, hospitalized or much worse.

With , Chuck Whitlock offers a hard look inside the world of health care and offers specific tips you can use to safeguard your health. It’s a guide to spotting and avoiding medical fraud and quackery—from your personal doctor to the latest, greatest herbal cure-all.

“Chuck Whitlock’s MediScams is frighteningly informative—but also a great read. Most physicians are competent; Whitlock tells us how to spot those who aren’t!”
—Ann Rule
True Crime Author

With MediScams, you’ll learn about dangerous medical practices and health care frauds, and how to prevent them from harming you and your family. MediScams is also available in audio book format.

Easy Money

Easy Money

Get Easy Money and learn why it led Oprah Winfrey to dub Chuck Whitlock “the nation’s leading scam buster.”

From savvy financial investors who were duped into buying fake gold bullion through an ad in the Wall Street Journal to thousands of housebound adults lured into surrendering their life savings on illicit health aids and devices—innocent people are the unwitting victims of unscrupulous and cunning con artists.

With Easy Money, Chuck uncovers telemarketing scams, credit card fraud, repair scams, fraudulent investment schemes, simple bait-and-switch scams, street cons and so much more. At the conclusion of each chapter learn how to recognize a scam, how to avoid being swindled, and what to do if you do get ripped off.

Police Heroes

Police HeroesWith Police Heroes, Chuck Whitlock steps away from the criminals to honor the crime fighters.Every day, thousands of police officers across the country put themselves in harm’s way. They go to work not knowing if they’re saying good-bye to their families for one shift or forever. Will a speeding ticket turn into a high-speed chase? Will a radio call about a domestic dispute turn into a life-threatening situation? Will a normal day on the beat turn into September 11th?

In the pages of Police Heroes you’ll meet some remarkably courageous individuals, all of whom acted bravely in the most extraordinary of circumstances.

Police Heroes will inspire you to appreciate the everyday heroes in the law enforcement community and the amazing work they do to keep us from harm and protect our way of life.