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You need a keynote speaker or presenter who will engage your audience, a professional who will motivate them and educate them as well. You want someone who connects with them and will bring them to their feet. You need Chuck Whitlock!

Chuck is a speaker, investigative TV correspondent, author, and national fraud expert.

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Chuck’s Investigative Reports

Chuck has dug through trash, donned a hard hat and safety vest, hung out for hours in front of an ATM, and traded his role as restaurant goer for that of a restaurant valet. He did it all—on camera—to expose how real scam artists work so you can protect yourself from their cons.

Chuck’s video reports have aired on OprahThe View, NBC’s TodayHard CopyInside EditionExtra, CNN, CBS, CNBC, and many other national television shows.


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Chuck’s Favorite Topics

Identity Theft

Not only is identity theft a relatively easy crime to perpetrate but it’s difficult to investigate and prosecute. It’s also a nightmare for the victim who must try to untangle the huge mess. Chuck shares undercover videotape of ID thieves in action. He discusses steps to take to lessen the chance of losing your identity to con artists.

Fraud against Seniors

Con artists love to target senior citizens. They may have sizeable bank accounts, be lonely, or be in poor health. These conditions make seniors especially vulnerable to crooks who offer much-needed companionship, above-average returns on investments, bogus cures, unnecessary home repairs, or even sweepstakes prizes.

Today’s Top Ten Frauds

Chuck chronicles the top ten frauds circulating today, from email schemes and social-media phishing scams to street cons and get-rich-quick ploys. Using videos and his own “cons-on-camera,” Chuck shows how people from every walk of life fall for every type of scam imaginable.

Medical Fraud & Health Care Scams

Chuck exposes how unethical practitioners, specialists, surgeons, providers, hospitals, pharmacists, dentists, and alternative care providers can rip off a person in ways you may never have dreamed possible. Learn how con artists steal millions of taxpayer dollars each year as they fleece Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Cyber Crime & Scams

Cyber criminals are setting up phony Web sites while hackers are breaking into corporate systems and infiltrating personal computers and smart phones. Classic frauds such as the Nigerian scam continue to be a favorite ploy of con artists. Chuck shares actual undercover investigations and shows how to protect yourself and your assets from cyber crime.

Financial Fraud & Investment Scams

We’d all like huge returns on our investments, which makes us perfect targets for con artists. Chuck shares interviews with investment swindlers, from bogus stock investors to business opportunists, and he reveals their tricks. He illustrates how the schemes work and how to protect yourself.

Business Fraud

Chuck demonstrates how white-collar crooks attack businesses and customers. Chuck discusses embezzlement, blackmail schemes, advance loan scams, computer crimes, counterfeit forms of payment, employee dishonesty, supplier scams, and services fraud. He provides ways businesses can protect their assets from both internal threats and customer fraud.

The Psychology of a Con Artist

Who are these predators? They share many similarities and personality traits. Chuck details some of the most notorious con artists ever caught, from Charles Ponzi to modern day cyber criminals. This is a fascinating topic that engages any audience, whether they are law enforcement professionals, members of the business community, or the general public.

Using the Media to Your Advantage

Chuck has produced investigative reports for such shows as Extra, Hard Copy, Inside Edition, Oprah, and other national television shows. Throughout his career, law enforcement and business organizations have reported great value from his candid discussions about the best ways to get the media’s attention when you need it.

Secrets to Business Success

What better time to turn leads into successful sales. Chuck details the secrets to get customers and businesses to say “yes.” He can also share valuable information about starting a business with minimal investment and business management basics.

How to Wow Audiences

The minute Chuck takes the podium you hear and see his passion. Chuck instructs audiences on how to be a successful speaker. You need more than just words to make a lasting impression, and Chuck knows how to wow audiences and get them involved. He’ll share his secrets with you.