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As a speaker, Chuck Whitlock has educated and entertained audiences across the U.S. Yet Chuck stands out from other professional and motivational speakers.

Chuck’s work as an investigative television correspondent and producer along with the books he has written have helped protect people and their money from the white-collar criminals and con artists looking to make a fast buck. He has empowered citizens, educated law enforcement officers, and enlightened members of the business community, the financial community, and health care industry. Read on to learn how “Chuck Whitlock, Businessman” became “Chuck Whitlock, Scam Buster.”

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An Author with a Cause

Following the success of Easy Money, Chuck penned two other fraud prevention books, Scam School and MediScams. Chuck also teamed up with co-author Bill Reed for Age without Rage to bring together a collection of experts to address the wide range of issues important to aging, from protecting yourself and your money to coping with health and lifestyle issues. Chuck also shares his expertise about fraud as a contributing writer for individual publications from time to time.

Chuck’s literary works expand beyond fraud. Police Heroes honors and celebrates the men, women and K-9 officers who put their lives on the line every day to protect us. Published after September 11th, 2001, this book also features stories of officers who gave their lives that fateful day. Chuck has also written books focusing on business success, including Secrets of Successful SellingHow to Get Rich, and Business Management Basics.

Taking the Podium

Chuck’s success as an author and an investigative correspondent led him to the venue where he feels most comfortable—in front of live audiences. Chuck’s passion for stopping cons and con artists becomes evident the moment he steps on stage.

Chuck provides dynamic keynote speeches and training presentations to a broad range of audiences across the United States. His audiences truly run the gamut from federal and local law enforcement to consumers, from bankers and other financial service providers to those in the health care industry, from lawyers and attorneys general to members of chambers of commerce and other city organizations.

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Scamming, Jamming and Training

Chuck participates with Better Business Bureaus, the A.A.R.P. and other organizations and companies that host Scam Jams. These events provide valuable information and training to consumers, especially senior citizens who are the number one target of con artists. Chuck’s work at Scam Jams and other consumer-protection conferences has helped tens of thousands of people learn to protect themselves against scams.

In recent years Chuck has provided keynote speeches, training, and workshops to federal, state, and local law enforcement. Participants include the F.B.I., the Secret Service, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the A.T.F., the D.E.A., the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators, the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers, the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training, and many others.

Taking Care of Business

Chuck makes his home in a beautiful spot in coastal North Carolina. Besides his expertise in fraud and role as a scam buster, Chuck is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who continues to pursue a number of ventures. While he addresses audiences on a variety of business issues, he is also passionate about educating college students in business strategies.

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Chuck Entertains, Educates, and Connects!

Professional speaker and author Chuck Whitlock delivers more than a keynote speech—he gives audiences an entertaining, motivational, and educational experience they won’t soon forget. You see, nothing gets Chuck more energized than showing people how to protect themselves and their money against fraud and scams.

Chuck doesn’t just talk about these cons. He investigates, uncovers, and exposes them—even posing as a “con artist” on camera to show how the real criminals work and how you can protect yourself, your family, and your community.

Chuck uses his investigational videos, his experiences as a scam buster, and his expertise about con artists to entertain and educate a wide range of audiences. Consumers, law enforcement personnel, attorneys, health care professionals, bankers and financial advisors, businesspeople and retail personnel have all learned from Chuck. He tailors his speeches and presentations to each audience and specific gathering.

The moment Chuck opens his mouth, you’ll see his passion and his dedication to fighting fraud. Contact one of the country’s leading authorities on scams to book a great keynote speaker for your conference, convention, or event. Find out what Chuck can do for you and how his expertise will benefit your group.

Respected Trainer & Presenter

In addition to his keynote speaking appearances, Chuck Whitlock devotes much of his time to training events focused on fraud and identifying con artists. For many years he has participated as a keynote speaker and workshop presenter for Scam Jams. He provides in-person training seminars for federal, state, and local law enforcement groups (including the F.B.I., the Secret Service, Department of Defense, and the D.E.A.). He also conducts training workshops for health care administrators and workers, bankers and financial companies, the retail industry, and other groups.

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Award-Winning Investigative Reporter

Chuck Whitlock shares good company with Diane Sawyer, the late Peter Jennings, and Ted Koppel; he has received some of the very same awards for his investigative reporting about frauds, scams, and identity theft. His investigations have appeared on Oprah60 Minutes, The ViewInside Edition, CNN, CNBC, Extra and other broadcast outlets. You may have seen his reports on the Travel Channel and the Discovery Channel, or on the air in Great Britain.

Easy Money and Oprah Winfrey

Chuck Whitlock devoted himself to fighting fraud beginning in the early 1990s. He wrote Easy Money, his first book exposing cons and con artists, as an easy-to-use reference for readers.

Easy Money caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey’s producers. After appearing several times on Oprah, an NBC affiliate in Oregon approached Chuck to produce a regular segment for its local news operation. From there, his role as an award-winning investigative correspondent and producer took off.

Catching Cons on Camera

As a scam buster, Chuck found a important ally in the television camera, as he not only exposed criminals but captured his own “cons” on camera. Chuck joined investigators on stings and raids, went undercover to catch criminals in action, and interviewed criminals and victims alike. He also played the role of “con artist” for the camera, pretending to be a scammer before revealing his true identity to his “victims,” so that he could help stop potential victims from falling for such cons in real life. Chuck’s fake “cons” raise awareness and show people just how the real crooks operate.

Chuck shares his videos with audiences at his speaking engagements and workshops. He has produced award-winning investigative reports for news magazines shows such as Inside EditionHard Copy, and Extra. Chuck and his work have also appeared on NBC’s TodayThe View, Court TV, CNN’s Your Money, CNBC’sSteals and Deals and a number of others. See the column at right for a partial list.



Top-Selling Author & Fraud Expert

Chuck Whitlock exposes the inner workings of white-collar crimes, fraud, and scams in his books. His works include fraud-prevention resources which provide helpful advice on how to protect yourself, your money, and your loved ones from the devastating effects of such crimes.

Chuck also shares his insights as a contributing writer from time to time for such publications as Bottom Line/Wealth and Law Enforcement Technology magazine. His expertise has also been featured in interviews in The Washington Post, Cleveland’s Plain Dealer, the Chicago Sun-Times and many other newspapers.

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