The Consumer’s Best Friend

Chuck Whitlock does more than talk to consumers. He educates, entertains, and empowers them!
Chuck shares his knowledge of fraud and scams so consumers—and especially senior citizens—can protect themselves and their money against con artists.

Book Chuck today and get ready for more than a speech! Get ready for a dynamic, energetic presentation that combines videos, real-life investigations, and even a bit of humor, making for a valuable learning experience.

The Con Man’s Worst Nightmare

Empowering Consumers against Scams

Chuck Whitlock fights con artists on many fronts, educating consumers just like you about how to spot scams and protect themselves from con artists. Through keynote speeches, training workshops, Scam Jams, top-selling books and revealing investigative reports, Chuck has empowered literally hundreds of thousands of consumers.

Chuck’s expertise of fraud and scams comes from years of work learning how con artists operate, how their schemes work, and what vulnerabilities lead us to fall victim to the scams. He has worked closely with law enforcement, going undercover to help catch criminals in the act and tagging along on stings. He’s learned firsthand from the con artists themselves in tell-all jailhouse interviews and from candid conversations with victims. Chuck even goes so far as to put himself in the shoes of con artists—on camera.

Chuck carries out supposed “cons” on camera then quickly reveals the truth. His video reports show how the real con artists work, how easy it is to fall for scams, and how you can protect yourself. Chuck uses these videos, coupled with real-life stories from his investigative work and top-selling books, in his speeches and presentations.

Criminals target consumers, especially seniors, every day. Whether it’s identity theft, phony web sites, cons capitalizing on current events such as the mortgage crisis and economic downturn, or simple home repair scams, Chuck has seen it all. Bring him to your next event or team up with him for a Scam Jam. Take the power away from the scam artists and give it back to the law-abiding citizens.

Taking His Message to the People

Investigative Reports Seen on TV

As an investigative correspondent and producer, Chuck Whitlock has unmasked, chased down, and confronted con artists on camera. His award-winning reports have been seen by television audiences on Inside EditionHard CopyExtra, CNBC, CNN, and other broadcast outlets and shows. He also shares his investigative reports and insight with audiences of talk shows such as Oprahand The View.

Firsthand Training for Consumers

As a respected trainer, Chuck Whitlock instructs a wide range of audiences from consumers to law enforcement. One of his favorite venues is Scam Jams. At these events Chuck shares the tools of the trade confiscated from real-life con artists. He uses actual stories of victims who have lost their life savings to scams or fell victim to fraud schemes that proved dangerous, even deadly. His eye-opening training provides valuable insight for any audience.

Interested in a Scam Jam or a training seminar or workshop for your group? Contact us to see what Chuck can do for you.

Fraud Prevention Expert & Author

As an author, Chuck Whitlock has educated readers across the nation. His books include the must-have fraud prevention references Scam SchoolEasy Money, and MediScams.

One book particularly close to Chuck’s heart, Age without Rage, provides essential information about aging. Along with how to protect yourself and your assets from criminals, it covers all issues that come as we get older. Click the cover below to learn more.

Why Consumers Need to Hear from Chuck

Chuckportrait“We received many letters and phone calls from consumers across Iowa to let us know how much your program has already impacted their lives…
You have a special talent in getting right to the message at hand and yet make the program entertaining.”

—Mary Kruger Eyler
President, BBB of Iowa

More Comments:

…your commitment and dedication to educating and helping people…

Your determined efforts and your crime-fighting resources are truly making a difference…

…indeed ‘The Con Man’s Worst Nightmare.’

White-Collar Crime Expert

Chuck Whitlock strives to help law enforcement stop the bad guys! From going undercover to help expose a con to educating officers about scam artists, he joins your fight against fraud.

Considered a leading authority on white-collar crime and scams, Chuck shares his expertise and insight with federal, state, and local law enforcement.

Bring Chuck to your event and he will wow your audience with a dynamic presentation that combines compelling videos, valuable information, and real-life experiences—all delivered with enthusiasm!

A Partner in Crime Fighting

A Keynote Speaker with a Purpose

With cameras rolling, Chuck Whitlock “committed” ID theft. In conjunction with investigators, he “accepted” kickbacks and bribes. This scam buster even “conned” consumers and then turned around and revealed his true identity. He’s done it all to help you fight fraud and catch the real criminals behind the cons.

Chuck has devoted his career to informing, educating, and raising awareness about scams and scam artists. By going undercover with investigators, confronting convicted criminals one-on-one, talking candidly with victims, and pretending to con the unsuspecting in his “cons-on-camera,” Chuck has developed a unique expertise of fraud. He shares it with law enforcement members as a professional speaker or trainer to provide additional tools against the crooks.

Chuck’s expertise, enthusiastic storytelling and extensive video library make for entertaining and engaging presentations and workshops. Book him as the keynote speaker at your next event and your members will leave inspired and invigorated.

Exposing Cons & Sharing Expertise

Eye-Opening Investigative Reports

Chuck Whitlock’s award-winning work as an investigative television correspondent and producer has been credited with raising awareness of financial cons as well as unmasking criminals and their schemes. His video reports have aired across the U.S. on OprahThe ViewInside EditionHard CopyExtra, CNN, CBS, CNBC, and many other broadcast outlets.

A Trainer of Law Enforcement Personnel

Chuck has been sought out to provide training for a number of groups from law enforcement to average citizens. He has conducted in-person training seminars for the F.B.I., the Secret Service, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the A.T.F., the D.E.A., multiple state and local law enforcement agencies, and others.

Chuck also partners with Better Business Bureaus and law enforcement groups across the country to educate consumers through Scam Jams.

Contact us today to learn how your group can benefit from a training seminar with Chuck.

An Author with a Cause

Chuck Whitlock is also a top-selling author. His books include the fraud prevention resources Scam School and Easy Money. One of his most popular books, however, doesn’t focus on scams; it honors the men and women of law enforcement. In Police Heroes, Chuck pays tribute to officers who showed the utmost courage under extraordinary circumstances. Click the cover below to learn more.

Chuck has also contributed articles to publications including Law Enforcement Technology magazine and Bottom Line publications. He has been featured in interviews in The Washington Post, Cleveland’s Plain Dealer, the Chicago Sun-Times and many other newspapers.

What Law Enforcement Says about Chuck

Chuck Whitlock Portrait“We as police executives must make white-collar crime a focus of our crime prevention and enforcement initiatives.”
“Chuck Whitlock has a lot to teach law enforcement.”
“Chuck Whitlock knows fraud inside and out…. I could listen to him all day.”

Ohio Attorney General’s
Conference on Law Enforcement

More Comments:

Your experience in the area of crimes involving fraud…

…enhance the value and credibility of the conference…

Your thought provoking, humorous, dynamic speech…

National Fraud & Scam Expert

In the age of Bernie Madoff and his Ponzi scheme, demand for attorneys who know how to prosecute and defend white-collar fraud crimes has never been greater.
Chuck Whitlock knows how financial cons—and con artists—operate! Whether you defend the suspects or prosecute them, you’ll gain valuable information and insight from his expertise.
Bring Chuck to your next event and see how his multimedia presentation turns any professional gathering into a vital and memorable experience.

Award-Winning Investigator & Author

Exposing Scam Artists to TV Audiences

Besides sharing his knowledge with audiences as a keynote speaker, Chuck Whitlock also takes his fight against fraud to the television airwaves. Chuck has won awards for his work as an investigative TV correspondent and producer—some of the same awards won by national journalists Diane Sawyer, Peter Jennings, and Stone Phillips. Chuck’s reports have aired on Oprah, NBC’sTodayInside EditionHard Copy, Extra, CNN, and many other broadcast outlets.

Training Law Officers & Average Citizens

In recent years, Chuck has been sought out by federal law enforcement agencies such as the F.B.I., Secret Service, and D.E.A. along with state and local law enforcement to provide training seminars and workshops. Chuck also partners with law enforcement, offices of attorneys general, Better Business Bureaus and other organizations to educate consumers through Scam Jam conferences and conventions.

With white-collar crime and fraud skyrocketing today, those in the legal arena need more training than ever about these crimes and criminals. Contact us today to learn how Chuck can provide your group with a training seminar or workshop.

Crime Fighter & Author

As an author, Chuck Whitlock has educated and entertained readers across the U.S. Chuck’s books expose multiple types of fraud, including those perpetrated by professionals in the medical and financial fields. He also contributes material to trade publications such as Law Enforcement Technology magazine and Bottom Line/Wealth.

Why You Should Hire Chuck for Your Next Legal Gathering:

Chuck Whitlock Portrait“The participants of the Bar’s Annual Bench Bar Conference truly consider you an ‘award winning’ speaker. You greatly contributed to the success of the conference by your presence and your dynamic presentation.”
—Elizabeth Price
Ex. Dir., Delaware County Bar Assoc.

More Comments:

…impressed by your knowledge of economic crimes and identity theft.

…broadening our scope of understanding of victim assistance and advocacy.

…the most effective public speaker I’ve ever seen in action.

A Leading Authority on Financial Fraud

While banks and financial institutions try to pay back money and be profitable, some funds walk out their doors without notice.

Chuck Whitlock knows all about the schemes that cost banks and financial businesses big money—including embezzlement, customer fraud, and identity theft.

Bring Chuck to your next conference, convention or event and get a dynamic presentation that combines compelling videos, valuable information, and real-life experiences— delivered with humor and enthusiasm!

Breaking the Bank

Exposing Financial Scams & Criminals

Professional speaker Chuck Whitlock helps banks and financial businesses combat fraud from the inside out. A leading authority on white-collar crime, Chuck knows the tactics and schemes used by desperate or unscrupulous employees. He also gathers inside information on external fraud crimes from the detectives who investigate them, the criminals who commit them, and his own scam-busting “cons” for television.

As an investigative correspondent and producer, Chuck not only hunts down fraud, he shows how easily it can be perpetrated by pretending to do it himself—on camera. The purpose of these eye-opening video reports is to effectively demonstrate how the real crooks operate and how to protect against fraud.

Pulling from his extensive video library and a wealth of real-life stories, Chuck tailors his presentations to each group, business, and event. Learn the latest identity theft schemes, the financial cons and investment scams on the rise, and how today’s white-collar criminals are cashing in. With Chuck, you get more than just an educational speech. You get a compelling and entertaining learningexperience you’ll value and—remember.

Book Chuck as the keynote speaker for your next conference or convention, or have him provide training for your bank or firm. Don’t hesitate. Contact us today.

Scam Busting on Multiple Fronts

Investigative Reports Educate Audiences

Chuck Whitlock doesn’t just talk with audiences in person to combat fraud, he’s also unmasked, chased down, and confronted con artists as an investigative TV correspondent and scam buster. His award-winning reports have raised awareness of fraud and financial schemes as well as the criminals behind them. Chuck’s reports have appeared on OprahThe ViewInside EditionHard CopyExtra, CNN, and many other broadcast outlets.

White-Collar Crime Expert & Trainer

Chuck Whitlock’s reputation as a leading authority on white-collar crime has led many agencies, groups, and companies to seek him out for specialized training. From workshops for the F.B.I. and Secret Service to a broadcast training event for a major investment firm to a fraud seminar for clients of a financial advisement company, Chuck has instructed groups across the country. He has also teamed up with agencies and companies to train consumers and business leaders at countless Scam Jams.

Chuck can provide your group with a training seminar or workshop tailored to your event and needs. Contact us today to learn just what Chuck can do for you!

An Author with Valuable Lessons to Share

As an author, Chuck Whitlock educates people across the U.S. about protecting their money and themselves. His books include the must-have fraud prevention reference tools Scam SchoolEasy Money, and MediScams. Chuck has also shared his expertise as a contributing writer for financial publications such as Bottom Line/Wealth.

What Bankers and Financial Advisors Say about Chuck:

“Your entertaining and dynamic delivery — coupled with your vast Chuck Whitlock Portraitknowledge of institutional fraud and identity theft, demonstrated to our clients the value of being properly informed and the significance of providing account holders with identity theft and fraud services.”
—W. Barrett Nichols
CEO, BSG Financial

More Comments:

…impressed with the depth of your knowledge…

…entertain the audience…

…the passion you exhibited was incredible.

Author of MediScams

The flu comes and goes but fraud never takes a season off! In fact, private and government experts estimate between $68 billion to $226 billion will be lost this year to health care fraud alone.
Chuck Whitlock, a white-collar crime expert and the author of MediScams, wants to help members of the health care industry stop that fraud.

Chuck’s presentations combine compelling videos, valuable information, and real-life stories. Bring him to your next conference, convention, or event and get ready for a dynamic learning experience.

Chuck Whitlock, “M.D.”???

Scam Buster Shows How It’s Done

To help investigators and audiences alike, scam buster Chuck Whitlock has pretended to “impersonate” a doctor. He even feigned “accepting” kickbacks and bribes. It was all done—on camera—for the purpose of exposing criminals, stopping fraud schemes, raising awareness, and showing people how to protect themselves against the real con artists.

Chuck has a special affinity for fighting medical fraud. It isn’t just costly. It’s dangerous, even deadly. From insurance fraud and Medicare fraud, to phony doctors and cures, to medical schemes and bogus treatments and products, Chuck’s seen it all. Who better to help the health care industry confront and stop the fraud?

As a professional speaker and author, Chuck shares his expertise across the country. Contact Chuck today to learn how his knowledge, investigative reports, and real-life experiences will create an engaging and valuable presentation for your group or association.

Exposing Cons & Sharing Knowledge

Investigative Reports Air across the U.S.

As an investigative television correspondent and producer, Chuck Whitlock has won awards for his reportswhich expose criminals and scams while raising awareness of multiple types of white-collar crimes including Medicare fraud. Those investigations have aired on Inside EditionExtra, Hard Copy, CNBC, CBS, CNN, and many other broadcast outlets. Chuck also shares his reports and expertise with audiences of television talk shows such as Oprah and The View.

Training Audiences in Person

Chuck Whitlock provides training and workshops for a wide range of audiences, including: the general public; federal, state and local law enforcement; and health care administrators. He also partners with Better Business Bureaus and local associations across the country to host Scam Jams to teach consumers how to protect themselves and their money.

Contact Chuck today to start the conversation and find out how your group or business will benefit from a training seminar or workshop.

An Author Exposing Medical Frauds

Chuck Whitlock’s books have educated and entertained readers across the U.S. on a number of different types of fraud. His book MediScams provides a revealing look at financial fraud and dangerous scams in the health care field.

Why Health Care Audiences Should Hear from Chuck

Chuck Whitlock Portrait“The AARP has now sponsored your workshop two years in a row…
Your presentations are educational, compelling and entertaining. We highly recommend you as a presenter for every Health Care Association in the country.”

—Jill Rice
Coordinator, Idaho Health Care Assoc.

More Comments:

…helps providers to create a plan of action…

…obvious in-depth knowledge of the subject matter.

…the props you brought along, made the program educational and fun.

Speaker, Author, Fraud Expert

One in three businesses go under because of fraud. If the financial cons by customers aren’t bad enough, it’s the fraud carried out by employees that often does a business in!
Professional speaker and fraud expert Chuck Whitlock helps businesses learn how to spot both internal and customer fraud as well as prevent the financial loss from it.
Chuck’s presentations incorporate videos, real-life investigations, interviews, humor, and energy—making for a valuable learning experience for anyone in business, in retail, or in hospitality.

Taking the Wind Out of Sales

Criminals Do a Job on Businesses

Chuck Whitlock knows how cons make a profit: from counterfeit credit cards to identity theft to a bogus charge here and there. He investigates the schemes and scams, learns from crime fighters and crime doers, and then puts that insight into action. This scam buster even poses as a “con artist”—on camera—in order to show how the real crooks work and educate you how to protect against them.

Armed with his library of videos and in-depth knowledge of white-collar crime, Chuck educates audiences about fraud and raises awareness of scams and scam artists. In the retail and business world, that awareness adds up to dollars, lots of them. Every business—and certainly every loss prevention specialist—will benefit from Chuck’s efforts.

Improve your loss prevention procedures and see a difference in your bottom line. Book Chuck as your next keynote speaker and learn about the fraud targeting your business. Preventing these schemes and scams will help put the criminals out of work and help keep you in business!

On TV & In Print: Chuck Exposes Cons

Revealing Investigative Reports

While Chuck Whitlock speaks to audiences across the country about fraud, you may have also seen him in action on television. As an investigative correspondent and producer, Chuck Whitlock has won awards for his compelling reports exposing con artists and their scams. His investigations have aired on talk shows such as Oprah and The View. Chuck and his work have also been featured on ExtraInside EditionHard Copy, CNBC, CNN, countless local shows and other broadcast outlets.

Training Law Enforcement & Business

Chuck not only shares his knowledge through his keynote speaking roles and investigative reports, he also provides training seminars and workshops. Chuck teaches about multiple types of fraud, tailoring his presentation to a specific group such as the F.B.I., the National Retail Federation, or to a particular event like a Scam Jam workshop for consumers or businesses.

Interested in a seminar or workshop for your group or event? Contact us to see what Chuck can do for you.

An Author with a Valuable Message

Chuck Whitlock shares his insight and detailed accounts of cons and con artists as an author as well. Hisbooks have educated readers across the U.S. and include the must-have fraud prevention reference toolsScam School and Easy Money.

Chuck is also a contributing writer for such publications as Bottom Line/Wealth and Law Enforcement Technology magazine.

Why Book Chuck as Your Next Speaker

Chuck Whitlock Portrait“Not only did Chuck entertain the audience with some personal anecdotes but he spoke with authority about the real threat of identity theft, how easy it is to commit, and how vulnerable we all are.”
—Stephanie Cook
VP/Fraud Mgr., Payment Solutions

More Comments:

…to the point, informative, entertaining, and extremely well received…

…the enthusiasm you put into your work.

Your experience and professionalism…