Thank you so much for the wonderful keynote speech you gave recently at our first Senior Forum on Financial Exploitation. Your presentation was exceptional. Attendees of the conference were talking about it all day long. We are very grateful that you took the time out of your busy schedule to come and help seniors and caregivers in our community learn about staying one step ahead of con artists and the vast array of scams and frauds.

Your captivating speaking style and your ability to customize your speech to the audience was truly remarkable. The seniors, caregivers, and professionals were extremely impressed with the depth of your knowledge and the passion of your commitment to preventing financial crimes against seniors.

You certainly helped make this forum a huge success. Your reputation as one of the nation’s leading scam-busters was evident and the passion you exhibited was incredible. Your determined efforts and your crime fighting resources have truly made a difference.

Betty F. MalksDirectorCounty of Santa Clara, CA Dept. of Aging and Adult Services