Baylor University and the Hankamer School of Business were beguiled to have Chuck Whitlock lavish his time and rare gifts on us in conjunction with Ethics Emphasis Week at our school. Chuck did a masterful job in a number of venues during the week, including speaking to a variety of student forums, a faculty luncheon, a Better Business Bureau banquet, and to numerous media groups.

Chuck was uniformly brilliant throughout his week with us, calling upon his unrivaled field experience and journalistic expertise to expose business fraud and promote ethical business practices. Additionally, he piqued the interest of students and faculty alike in his penetrating analysis of ‘real world’ entrepreneurship and management, areas in which he also possesses impressive credentials and firing line experience. To say the least, Chuck Whitlock is a seasoned business pro who has a compelling message to tell.

And compelling he is! Chuck is the most effective public speaker I’ve ever seen in action — articulate, entertaining, dynamic, and educational. Chuck has mastered the art of engaging an audience with a unique combination of startling information, refreshing wit and humor, and an idealistic quest for the truth. He is one of the few in the business community who truly speak with the voice of authority. People rightly admire Chuck for his forthright commitment to an ethical marketplace and compassion for community service. He is a man on a mission, and a vitally important one at that.

Phil Van AukenProfessor of Management and DirectorBaylor University Center for Church Management