I am writing to commend you on the wonderful keynote address you delivered at the BSG Financial Annual Clients’ Symposium in Louisville, Kentucky. Additionally, I would like to offer both a personal and special thank you for the immeasurable amount of time and energy you put into making this event so valuable for our clients.

Your entertaining and dynamic delivery—coupled with your vast knowledge of institutional fraud and identity theft—demonstrated to our clients the value of being properly informed and the significance of providing account holders with identity theft and fraud services.

Since your appearance, we have received nothing but extremely positive feedback from Symposium attendees. In fact, several clients have even asked us to contact them to discuss how we can proactively and profitably assist them in providing identity theft solutions.

Again, Chuck, I thank you for helping BSG Financial fulfill its Symposium objective of providing topical and advantageous information to our clients. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and being in the realm of your enthusiasm; I look forward to working together again soon!

W. Barrett NicholsCEOBSG Financial