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Fraud breaks one in three businesses. A business may be the perfect target, a sitting duck for the financial attacks by both con artists and dishonest employees, either of which may completely take down a business.

Professional speaker and fraud expert Chuck Whitlock helps businesses learn how to spot both internal and external threats as well as prevent the financial loss which accompanies them. In addition to expert information and his spot-on tips, Chuck’s presentations incorporate videos, real-life investigations, interviews, humor, and energy—making for a valuable learning experience for anyone in business, no matter what type of business.

Taking the Wind Out of Sales

Chuck Whitlock knows how cons make a profit: from counterfeit credit cards to identity theft to a bogus charge here and there. He investigates the schemes and scams, learns from crime fighters and crime doers, and then puts that insight into action. This scam buster has even posed as a “con artist”—on camera—in order to show how the real crooks work and to educate potential victims how to protect against them.

Armed with his library of videos and in-depth knowledge of white-collar crime, Chuck educates audiences about fraud by raising awareness of current scams and how scam artists work. In the business world, that awareness adds up to dollars, lots of them. Every business—and certainly every loss prevention specialist—will benefit from Chuck’s efforts and expertise.

Stop the criminals from doing a job on your business. Improve your loss prevention procedures and see a difference in your bottom line. Book Chuck as your next keynote speaker and learn about the con artists targeting your business. Preventing these schemes and scams will help put the criminals out of work and help keep you in business!

Chuck Exposes Cons

Revealing Investigative Reports

As an investigative correspondent and producer, Chuck Whitlock has won awards for his compelling reports exposing con artists and their scams. Chuck has been a featured expert on talk shows such as Oprah and The View. Chuck and his work have also been featured on 60 Minutes, ExtraInside EditionHard Copy, CNBC, CNN, Court TV, the Discovery Channel, and countless other broadcast outlets.

Training Law Enforcement & Business

Chuck not only shares his knowledge through his keynote speaking roles and investigative reports, he also provides training seminars and workshops. Chuck tailors each presentation to the group, whether he is creating a seminar for the National Retail Federation, presenting a workshop for the F.B.I., or training the general public through a particular event like a Scam Jam.

Interested in a seminar or workshop for your group or event? Contact us to see what Chuck can do for you.

An Author with a Valuable Message

Chuck Whitlock shares his insight and detailed accounts of cons and con artists as an author as well. His crime-fighting books have educated readers across the U.S. and include Scam School, Easy Money, and MediScams. Chuck is also a contributing writer for such publications as Bottom Line/Wealth and Law Enforcement Technology magazine.

Why Book Chuck as Your Next Speaker

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Client Testimonials

Thank you so very much for your participation in Holiday’s Passion For People – For Life convention in Maui. Your interesting and spirited presentation “Protect the Ones You Love – Fraud and Scams” wa…
Sheryl BauerDirector of Facility ServicesHoliday Retirement Corp.
Baylor University and the Hankamer School of Business were beguiled to have Chuck Whitlock lavish his time and rare gifts on us in conjunction with Ethics Emphasis Week at our school. Chuck did a mast…
Phil Van AukenProfessor of Management and DirectorBaylor University Center for Church Management
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