Very few are gifted enough to communicate with large groups for a long time. You are one of those folks. Your audience was spellbound during the entire presentation.

It is one thing, however, to be a showman and another to be an authority. You are recognized as one of the experts on scams and frauds and you have earned that recognition. You gave people tangible evidence and taught them how to avoid being victimized. That is a life long benefit for which I am thankful.

You are the consummate professional. My staff worked with you for over a year of preparation and are the toughest of all critics. They enjoyed every aspect of the relationship, from the first contact on the telephone, to the numerous tele-meetings to the site meeting the day before and, of course, the actual day itself.

We are grateful for your contribution to our event. You made it special. And you made it a success.

Thomas J. GallagherPresident & CEOBBB of Richmond, VA