Words cannot express how much I appreciate the professional job you did in delivering your keynote address about business ethics at our 2017 Internal Control and Fraud Prevention Conference last week in Washington, DC. The speech was as entertaining as it was informative, and our attendees enjoyed it tremendously. You received rave reviews from our members.

As one of the country’s leading experts in white-collar crime, you spoke with authority and from experience. The videos of your television appearances and investigative reports on such shows as 60 Minutes, The View, Oprah, and Inside Edition emphasized your points beautifully and added even more value to your address.

Your message resonated with everyone, especially your statement, “Don’t forget low-tech crime while fighting high-tech crime.” I hope all of our 14,000 members have the opportunity to hear you.

We look forward to your webinar in November.

Jerome BruceDirector of Events and ExpositionAssociation of Government Accountants (AGA)