A big ‘Thank You’ does not even begin to express how appreciative the Department of Corporations and our Seniors Against Investment Fraud (SAIF) Program is to you for your dedication and assistance at our First Annual Fraud Fest Senior Empowerment Conference.

As our main keynote speaker, your presentation was absolutely excellent and will be remembered by the audience who heard it for many years to come. You have such a unique and genuine ability to speak on such a serious topic as fraud, but yet you make it fun and entertaining for the audience. We received a large number of positive comments immediately after the event on just how fabulous your presentation was.

We also want to express our appreciation for your hard work the day before our event, wherein you made yourself available and conducted numerous media interviews to help market the conference. This unprecedented news coverage leading up to and including the event raised awareness among consumers of the Department’s role in fraud protection and prevention.

Robyn L. GoodmanProgram ManagerCalifornia Dept. of Corporations SAIF Program