A Dynamic Presenter with a Cause

You need a speaker who does more than talk. Someone who entertains while he educates, providing an audience with practical tools which can be used immediately. A motivator who connects with people and leaves them fired up. You need Chuck Whitlock!

Chuck’s energetic style and vast expertise in detecting and preventing fraud and scams make him a top-rated speaker for conferences, conventions, meetings, and events.

Hire Chuck and you’ll get a dynamic, professional speaker who gives your audience a multimedia experience people will value—and remember.

Recent Testimonial from United Arab Emirates Internal Auditors Association (UAEIAA)

“Your presentation was one of the most interesting topics at the conference. It was an honor for us to have you as one of our keynote speakers. We believe that the knowledge you have shared will help immensely in the development of the Internal Audit sector. We know your time is precious and we are grateful you shared some of it with us. We look forward to your participation in future events.”

Specific Audiences

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Chuck Whitlock Speaking

Keys to Prevent Fraud

In addition to his keynote speaking appearances, Chuck Whitlock devotes much of his time to training events focused on detecting and preventing fraud and identifying con artists. He has participated in many Better Bureau Scam Jams as both a keynote speaker and a fraud expert. He provides in-person training seminars for federal, state, and local law enforcement groups (including the F.B.I., the Secret Service, the A.T.F., and the D.E.A.). He also conducts training workshops for health care administrators, bankers and financial companies, the retail industry, and others.

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Chuck Whitlock Books

Chuck Whitlock’s Books

Chuck Whitlock exposes the inner workings of white-collar crimes, fraud, street scams, and other schemes of con artists in his books. His works include key fraud-prevention resources which provide helpful advice on how to protect yourself, your money, and your loved ones from being victimized by con artists.

Chuck frequently shares his insights as a contributing writer for such publications as Bottom Line/Wealth and Law Enforcement Technology  magazine. The Washington Post, Cleveland’s Plain Dealer, the Chicago Sun-Times and many other newspapers and periodicals have also featured interviews showcasing Chuck’s expertise.

Chuck Whitlock on Camera

Catching Cons on Camera

As a scam buster, Chuck has found a critical ally in his fight against crime: the television camera. Chuck has joined investigators on stings and raids, gone undercover to catch con artists in action, and interviewed criminals and victims alike. Unlike other investigative journalists, he also has taken on the role of con artist in his “cons on camera” segments, pretending to be a criminal so that he can perpetrate scams against unsuspecting victims before he reveals his true identity. Not only do these segments show people how easy it is to be defrauded, they teach valuable lessons about how actual scam operators work to the countless audiences who see Chuck’s video reports.

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